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How I Avoided Maxing Out My Credit Card May 19, 2009

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From Designer Chic to Frugal Fashion

It happens when I’m searching for brilliant buys for my readers, that I stumble upon something that I like as well. (Okay, this happens all the time!) So as I was scanning’s sale items, I found this Iisli dress.

The original cost? $338, which is completely out of my budget. However, it was on sale for $101.40! I thought, what a great bargain! I knew I had to have it.
When I find something that I love, something that I can’t resist–I envision it in my closet or better yet, I see myself walking the streets of New York City in it. For this dress I had the perfect fantasy: Relaxing at some upscale lounge sipping martinis.
It qualifies for four of the five categories of my self-created designer label buying guide. 1) I would wear it more than once, 2) it isn’t too trendy, 3) it would be a fashion staple for my personal style, and, 4) since I’m working more hours this summer, it is within my budget.
So why didn’t I buy it?



Rock the Colorblock May 18, 2009

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Trend Alert: Colorblocking & Where to Find It!

The Colorblock trend was seen all over the spring and fall 2009 runways, especially in the collections of Isaac Mizrahi and Michael Kors.

Though similar to the 80’s trend, the new colorblocking trend is a little more subdued and sophisticated, but it is still a fun trend. With everything from dresses to blouses to shoes to bags, you can find this trend almost everywhere.



Take Off His Jeans… and Wear Them! May 13, 2009

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The Boyfriend Jean

Ladies, finally we can enjoy the comfortable, relaxed fit of our boyfriends’ jeans! We’re used to jeans that hug and squeeze our butts and thighs, or jeans that we have to lay down on the bed to zip up (I can’t be the only one, right?).

     While I’m not completely disregarding the alternative of tight skinny jeans (which are cute too), I am more partial to the boyfriend jean as my favorite style of denim this season, and I’m crossing my fingers that they aren’t just a fad.

     The boyfriend jean is popping up everywhere and celebrities are supporting the trend, too. (Above, left to right, Charlize Theron, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, and Victoria Beckham all sporting the boyfriend jeans.) Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for your pair of boyfriend jeans, try these alternatives instead:



Bags to Love May 12, 2009

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Big Buddha at ShopStyle

Big Buddha Bags

My new fashion obsession: Big Buddha Bags. The only problem: expensive. However, they are a good purchase and definitely worth the price. There is a range of styles to choose from, from classic to playful to ultra-trendy. Big Buddha has a bag that can match anyone’s personal style.  



Birds of a Feather…

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The Feather Trend

Feathers have been featured on the runway since Autumn/Winter 2008/2009, but it finally seems as if the trend is gaining popularity.

     Sarah Jessica Parker has been spotted wearing feather accessories from headbands to purses. Kate Bosworth made fashion headlines when she wore the brown Burberry feather dress (featured above) at the Fashion Group International’s 25th Annual Night of Stars in October 2008.

   This trend can be considered costume-chic, and some of you may be scared to wear it. While a feather dress may be too much for you, try a simple feather accessory. Feather accessories can take an old ensemble of yours from plain to sassy in seconds. 



Copy Cat May 11, 2009

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Inspiration Olivia from the City in Floral Print


Copy Cat-Olivia Palermo

It sounds cliche, but floral prints are popular for spring/summer this season, and celebrities from Olivia Palermo to Rihanna have been spotted wearing this trend.

     While floral prints are adorable and feminine, they tend to go in and out of style quickly. Typically, it’s not worth spending more than $100 on any item in floral print.

     I took this look from The City’s Olivia Palermo that is $1,250.98 and redesigned it for $115.83!




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Luggage Worth Buying

Vacationing this summer? Luggage is a splurge worth considering. You need something that is durable because, let’s face it, the airport doesn’t take care of luggage.